PET felt

Minimal Art Collection – PET felt

Minimal art collection is the line of felts that emphasises the commitment of Féline to combine interior fabrics with environmental protection. The raw material of this line derives from the recycling of plastic bottles. 100% PET felt.


Composition 100% PET


Available thickness 2mm 4mm
Width (cm) 150 150
Weight 600 1200
MOQ (lm) 1 1


*   All thicknesses available from stock in 10 colours.

**The raw material of this product derives from the recycling of plastic bottles. Slight colour variations are considered normal.


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All Féline felts are produced with respect to nature. No use of water or drying machines in the felting process.

This material is made from recycled plastic bottles.



PET is sustainable, easy to process and sound-absorbing. insulating.


Treatments Féline offers

Upon request our felts are available with multiple backings. We offer self-adhesive PET felt and PET felt wall textile.


With our in-house production facilities we can support you in a wide range of applications for your fabrics. Please ask and see what Féline can do for you.


Processing Féline fabrics

Féline advises to use experienced installers with knowledge on how to process and handle the fabric. Please note that processing or applying the fabric means that you have accepted the order. Féline will not be able to take any returns or give refunds for fabrics after they have been processed / applied.


Please always pay attention to the face side of the fabric. The face side of our fabrics is always the inner side of the roll. In case you have any doubts before applying your fabric, than feel free to contact us.



Walls, ceilings, panels, upholstery and lighting.


Mechanical test

Martindale 100.000 turns (ISO 12947-2)
Colourfastness to light 6 (ISO 105 B02)
Colourfastness to rubbing dry and wet 4/5 dry and wet (SO 105 X12)
Tear strength | Warp and weft pass (EN 29073-3)
Shrinkage to dry cleaning |Warp and weft warp and weft – +/1%


Acoustic values

Absortion Class A | αw 1.00 NEN – EN – ISO 11654

*tested for acoustic panel application. Please ask for specific reporting if needed.


Fire retardancy

FR treatment possible



Download datasheet here.