Féline felt


With our Féline fabrics, we seek to combine aesthetics, acoustics and durability all in one design. All our felt is created and produced with care for the environment and in line with current interior trends.


We specialize in wool and PET felt, in a wide range of colours and thicknesses. Our felts are produced with respect to nature. Therefore we do not use any water of drying machines in the felting process.


Felt with backing?

All our felts are available with a wide variety of backings. Depending on your type of application we can supply you with the felt that best suits your wishes.

Some of our well known backings are: our SELF-ADHESIVE FELT or our FELT WALL PAPER.


In case of any questions or special requests, please feel free to reach out. We will be more than happy to help.


Discover our collections below





Wool felt

Wool felt

FRESCO Collection

Fresco collection is the line of natural wool felts of Féline. Our wool is mulesing free. The unique properties of wool in combination with the trendy colour range make this fabric highly suitable for design applications.

MINIMAL ART Collection

Minimal art collection is the line of felts that emphasizes the commitment of Féline to combine interior fabrics with environmental protection. The raw material of this line derives from the recycling of plastic bottles (100% Recycled PET).

100% Recycled PET felt

100% Recycled PET felt


Our felt wall covering collections are specially designed to use our felt for wall or panel applications.

The perfect acoustic and sustainable solution, that can be easily integrated into your interior design.


Available in both Wool felt or 100% Recycled PET felt.




The VLINDER Flexscreen is a design by StudioVIX, using Féline sustainable felts.

Your cocoon, your own space. Flexible, mobile and acoustic.


Comfy Flex Cocoon  – From briefcase, to deskscreen, to acoustic partition screen.

Acoustic flexscreen

Acoustic flexscreen