• Acoustic screen
  • Dimensions acoustic screen
  • Dimensions acoustic screen
  • PET felt Green
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  • PET felt blue
  • PET felt blue
  • PET felt brown
  • PET felt black
  • PET felt pink
  • PET felt
  • PET felt
  • PET felt


The VLINDER Flexscreen is a design by StudioVIX, using Féline sustainable felts.

Your cocoon, your own space. Flexible, mobile and acoustic.


Comfy Flex Cocoon  – From briefcase, to deskscreen, to acoustic partition screen.


Minimal art collection is the line of felts that emphasises the commitment of Féline to combine interior fabrics with environmental protection. The raw material of this line derives from the recycling of plastic bottles.


Felt composition – 100% Recycled PET

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All Féline felts are produced with respect to nature. No use of water or drying machines in the felting process.

Wool is a natural, biodegradable and renewable material.


Wool is durable, naturally fire resistant, moisture repellent, thermal and sound insulating.


Walls, ceilings, panels, upholstery and lighting.

Treatments Féline offers

Féline can support you in the processing of the fabric to suit your application. Upon request our fabrics are available with multiple backings, such a self-adhesive and paper backing. With our in-house production facilities we can support you in a wide range of applications for your fabrics. Please ask and see what Féline can do for you.

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