General terms and conditions for photo use


General point

These general terms and conditions for photo use are enforceable against any person authorized to read and download the photos found on the press kits page located on the Féline website. All photo’s on the Féline press kits page consist of photographs of which the Féline company is the copyright holder or assignee of the rights of reproduction, representation and adaptation in accordance with Book I of the Code of intellectual property rights, which allows it to authorize, prohibit or restrict the downloading and use of photos by a third party.
Any unauthorized use constitutes an infringement punishable by civil and criminal law.
Any order by clicking the “I agree” on the Féline company website implies acceptance of terms and conditions of use in force which are referenced on the Féline company website.
These T&C prevail over any other terms and conditions of use. Any contrary terms raised in objection by the user will be, therefore, in the absence of formal acceptance, unenforceable against Féline, regardless of when they may have been brought to its attention. If any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions should be or become invalid this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.
Féline reserves the right to change its terms and conditions at any time.
The general terms and conditions applicable are those in force on the date of the user downloads the photos from the Féline press kits page.



To be valid, online downloads of photos must originate from persons authorized to download photos.
The Féline press kit page is not available for the benefit of consumers, apart from simply visiting the site, which offers free access exclusively to professionals under the following conditions
– For the benefit of the press, for writing articles.
– For the benefit of professionals to present their projects to their clients.
– For the benefit of the Féline sales force and network customers.


Scope of authorization

Féline reserves the right to authorize or prohibit the use of photos.
The specific authorization is limited in its scope.
The scope of authorization for use must be negotiated on a case by case basis with Féline. It takes into account the respect of Féline’s image, the photo itself, and the absence of confusion in the public mind between Féline and the user.



Féline guarantees to be the holder or assignee of the intellectual property rights related to the photographic works made available for the duration and the type of authorized use.


Applicable law and settlement of disputes

The contract is subject to Dutch law.