All goods shall remain in the sole ownership of Féline B.V. (the vendor) until such times as the vendor has received all monies payable.


Once a contract/order has come into effect, the contract/order can only be changed or cancelled if and to the extent of which the seller agrees in writing to the change or cancellation.
Although the images, drawings, colour specifications, designs, sizes and the like displayed or provided before or at the time when a contract is being concluded are as accurate as possible, they are nevertheless only displayed or provided as indicative samples or models and are not strictly binding.

  1. Any goods made to customers’ specifications or clearly personalized are excluded from the right to cancel.
  2. ii. The following are bespoke products, manufactured specifically to order and therefore non-returnable – on demand laminated items, special colour matches, items cut on demand.


Féline B.V. accepts returns of ordered items only under the following conditions:

a. Properly submitted claims can be sent within 10 working days from the delivery days. Goods can be returned only in written agreement with our sales department, with a valid proof of purchase. Claims must be well substantiated and submitted in writing, in absence of which the purchaser is considered to have unconditionally accepted the delivered goods.

b. Any customer wishing to exercise this right must notify the vendor at either of the following: in writing to Féline B.V., Jarmuiden 7, 1046 AC Amsterdam, The Netherlands (addressed to The Sales Team), or by email to

c. As a further condition of the right to return customers must also arrange (at their own expense) to return the goods in a saleable condition to the address referred to in (b) above as soon as possible. If the vendor pays the return cost then this will be deducted from any refund. The goods will be deemed returned when actually received by the vendor at the said address.

d. Pending the return of the goods they must be kept in good condition.

e. The customer undertakes to accept responsibility for providing safe and sufficient storage facilities for the goods and will indemnify the vendor against any losses, damages or costs arising out of a breach of this condition.

  1. Any goods that have been cut, processed or applied are unconditionally accepted by the purchaser and are thereby excluded from any right to return or right for refund. 


If a price is agreed, the seller is authorized to take any cost-price increasing factors arising after the conclusion of the contract when invoicing. The vendor has the right to charge additional costs (communication costs, postage, import duties and excise tax, storage) onto the purchaser.


Any quoted delivery times are estimates only. Time shall not be of the essence in the delivery of any goods and the vendor shall accept no liability in relation to late delivery beyond the value of the goods in question.

The risk of damage and/or loss of goods during and in relation to their transport are borne by the purchaser. If desired, the purchaser needs to ensure that the goods are adequately insured. The seller does not have any liability whatsoever in this regard.


Payment must before shipment of your order. Féline B.V. has the right to hold any order as long as payment for that order has not been received. For giro or bank payments, the valid payment date is the date that payment is credited to the seller’s giro or bank account. The seller is entitled to fulfil the contract in installments and to invoice each of them accordingly. Failure to pay on time cancels any discounts applying to the purchase.

If the purchaser is in default, it is charged all damages and costs, be they legal or extra-legal, including the costs of any legal and/or other expert assistance engaged by the seller.


A shortcoming in the fulfillment of the contract that cannot be attributed to the seller is to be considered any circumstance that the seller cannot reasonably be required to take into account upon entering into the agreement and as a consequence of which the normal execution of the contract cannot be reasonably required of the seller, including but not limited to cessation, non-performance or default of suppliers, non-performance or default of the carriers involved in the performance of the contract, cessation of the seller’s company and such calamities as fire on that company’s premises.

Any information, whether verbal or in writing of any kind (including on our website), is for guidance only and is given in good faith but without warranty, since skill of application and site conditions are beyond our control.

In any event we do not accept any liability whatsoever for the performance or non-performance of any goods beyond the value of those goods (for example, we shall not be liable in respect of wasted time or additional costs incurred by any person such as labour or scaffolding costs nor shall we be liable in respect of any alleged consequential losses of any person).


These general terms and conditions and any claims arising in relation to goods ordered or supplied shall in all respects be governed by The Netherlands and any dispute arising under or in connection with the foregoing shall be for the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court in Amsterdam.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time and you should refer to them each time you place an order. Please address any comments or complaints: Féline B.V., Jarmuiden 7, 1046 AC Amsterdam, The Netherlands.